Peace Quarter

Peace Quarter is a sci-fi adventure game with puzzle elements and some platforming. Development demo was made for Finnish GameXpo held in November 2016. Estimated publishing is in late 2018, but this may vary. Peace Quarter follows Harkness on his quest back to home. If you are interested in becoming a beta player for the game, contact us. Beta is probably starting in fall 2018, but this also may vary. Follow and check our development blog for more information and some concepts for the game.

Ketun Kierrätys

'Ketun kierrätys' (lit. fox's recycling) is a game made for 3R Game Jam that was held in 2018 in Kuopio. The project was carried to the pilot phase after it won the 3R Game Jam. It is developed by team FoxyBeat and set to be available in 17.9.2018 (Google Play Store) for pilot use in set location.